Current Focus on Trending technology

focus Project: Power

Aircom is developing and testing special battery power control processes and aerodynamic feature sets that could allow drones to fly much further, regardless of weather conditions.
Project: We are developing a heavy lift autonymous UAV that would carry up to 500lb payloads and fly as far as 500 miles on a single battery charge. This process could allow battery storage to be recharged in minutes, on the fly. These power processes could be used with many types of storage mediums across many differnet industries, including electric vehicles, renewable energy power plants, robotics and the drone industry.

focus project: Data

Aircom, along with our partner Ifusionsoft have developed a data processing architecture that lets us process autonymous drone A.I. data in real time without the use of graphics cards, which significantly cuts the costs of A.I., machine learning and computer vision data processing. The future needs these types of solutions.

Focus project: network

Aircom has first round funding to build a nation-wide UAV data processing and communications "Hyperfusion" network that would monitor and control UAV BVLOS traffic at altitude to the ground. Our system can process the real-time data and instruction sets for UAV's to navigate safely throughout public zones and see all other objects, including all air traffic, and make autonymous navigation decisons accordingly. This particular system could be considered national security critical infrastructure. Our AI driven detect and avoid system could also detect possible national security threats ahead of the threat. Military and local authorities can use this as a tool to detect and fight threats and crime. Many industry types will be invited to use this power network as it will include certain quantum technology for future proof technology architecture. This particular project is slated to start in western North Dakota in the spring of 2022 and span the United States over the next few years. We will build 200 node Locations, which will include 5 larger national research and education centers across the country. Locations are currently being researched to deploy this network.
When completed, this would be the largest and most powerful A.I. powered data network in the world.